• Salads

    • Crayfish salad


      Avocado, parmezan cheese, little gem and dragon dressing

    • Vega Salad


      Burrata, vigs, tomato and pistachio pesto

    • Sandwiches

    • Clubsandwich


      Chicken, bacon, tomato, salad and mayonaise

    • Grill sausage


      Wild boar, cheese, jalapeno, mustard

    • Late Breakfast 10.00-12.00


      Scrambled egg, croissant, bread, marmelade, matured cheese, tomato, beet spread, serrano ham, vegan salad

    • Soup

    • Soup of the day

      daily price
    • Yellow pepper


      with crème fraîche

    • Grilled sandwiches

    • Cheese or ham and cheese tosti

      5 I 6
    • Treats

    • Smoothie


      Beet, blueberries, cinnamon and yoghurt

    • Starters

    • String bean curd


      eggplant, radish dragon dressing

    • Vitello Sardegna


      Thinley sliced rare veal served with sardine mayonnaise

    • Starters

    • Bread


      Herb butter, olive oil and hummus

    • Carpaccio


      From Denver steak, with truffel mayonaise and Parmesan

    • Nel's platter


      Serranoham ripened 14 months, chorizo Iberico bellota, terrine of rabbit, roasted pork belly, liquorice, onions in balsamic vinegar and bread (2 pers)

    • String bean curd


      eggplant, radish dragon dressing

    • Vitello Sardegna


      Thinley sliced rare veal served with sardine mayonnaise

    • Main course

    • Burger Benedict


      with old cheese, coeur de boeuf,  onion,  bbq sauce, fries, poached egg and sauce hollandaise

    • Nel's Burger


      Mature cheese, coeur de boeuf tomato, onion, bbq sauce and fries

    • Rabbit terrine


      Sweet shallot, cauliflower, green cabbage and plum gravy 

    • Stewed veal cheek


      kohlrabi puree, romanesco, truffel gravy

    • Desserts

    • Cheese platter


      4 types, served with fig loaf and quince

    • Snacks

    • Bread


      Herb butter, olive oil and hummus

    • Cheese fingers

    • Flames (spicy)

    • Green olives


      from Andalusia

    • Nacho's


      Huge portion, dried susage, salsa, guacamole, melted cheese

    • Nel's platter


      Serranoham ripened 14 months, chorizo Iberico bellota, terrine of rabbit, roasted pork belly, liquorice, onions in balsamic vinegar and bread (2 pers)

    • Typical Dutch bitterballen

    • Vegetarian springrolls and samosas

    • White Wine

    • Chablis, Domaine Fèvre, Bourgogne, France


      This wine is produced on one of the largest family owned domains of Chablis: Nathalie & Gilles Fevre. The vastness of it enables tem to pick of finest grapes for themselves and sell the rest.

      This results in phenomenal quality wines, year after year. A clear Chablis: no wood, rich in minerals, due to the chalky, soils of the terrains. This kind of Chablis one hopes for, the way it is supposed to be.

    • Chardonnay Reserve 'La Cote', Languedoc

      5.3 I 30

      Round, smooth Chardonnay with a hint of wood aging (about six months) from the Languedoc, made by the Belgiam Luc Pirlet. It has a aftertaste with the typical spicy character of the Southern Frensh wines. Good with Mederiterraneen dishes, mackerel and grilled fish

    • Godello 'Montenovo', Anima Noble, Monterrei, Spain


      This wine comes from the oldest domains of Galicia, already known to the Romans for its gold ore and lime stone, where the oldest vines are found.

      Just north of Portugal, south of Bilbao. This astonishing gastronomic wine is denoted by itsgolddrimmed minerals and accordingly can handle every meal, even intense herbs like wasabi

    • Gruner Veltliner, Ramspeck & Kracher, Niederosterreich, Austria


      Collaboration of the famous Austrian winemaker Gerhard Kracher and the Dutch Ruben Ramspeck, whose family has been producing wine in Austria for centuries. This Gruner Veltliner is soft and fresh, with a characterustuc with pepper tones in the aftertaste. Ideal vegetable wine, for example with salads and vegetarian dishes

    • Rioja Blanco, Real de A8, Spain

      4.3 I 24.5

      Fresh fruity white Rioja made drom 100% with tempranillo, produces by Bodegas Don Sancho de Londono. Soft fruit and floral hints make this white very drinkable. Serve as a aperatif or with light fish starters.

    • Saint Aubin Premier Cru, Hubert Bouzereau-Gruere et filles, Bourgogne, France


      A splendid wine. Produced by the two sisters Marie Anne and Marie Laure.

      Descendants of a very old, high esteemed family business. Cleary one of the best wines of the district, even considered that this region produces very famous wines like Meursault, which is situated only a stone's throw away.

      This ring, refined elegance you may also expect in your glass.

    • Sancerre, Domaine des Brosses, Loire, France


      Sauvignon- blanc in optima forma. A full bodied classic Sancerre of a small family domain of which one can clearly distinguish the chalky hills in the nose. It is bone dry, with refined long-lasting layouts of subtile fruit and some pronounced aroma's.

    • Sauvignon Blanc 'Wally', Loire, France

      5 I 29

      Textbook example of Sauvignon Blanc, with hints of citrus, grapefruit and gooseberry. This withe has the characteristic freshness of the Loire wines and lots of juicy fruit. Great with fish starters, seafood or as an aperitif

    • Sparkling Wine

    • Cava Brut, Molí Coloma, Penedès, Spain

      5.5 I 29.5

      Fresh and fruity aromas, with subtle citrus and even a hint of grapefruit. Produced with three regional grapes from Penedes, which results in a rich, long- lasting, full bodied taste.

    • Champagne Collet, Brut ‘Art Deco’, France


      Our cava is absolutely great, no doubt. However it is no competition for this champagne. Here we have a softly sparkling present to yourself, because you deserved it somehow. It has ripened long in the cellars in the bottle. You will find a reason to order one.

      It is rich in taste, with less acids than usual in so many champagnes. One can easily drink more than just a sip to toast with.

    • Red Wine

    • 2015 Gevrey Chambertin 'Cuvee Alexis', Domaine Guillon, Bourgogne, France


      Jean Michel Guilon selects grapes of the oldest vines of this beautiful wine: Pinot Noir from Cotes de Nuits. He uses new French oak barrels, no competition for the dark fruit fragrances of these grapes. Drink it a bit chilled and, if you manage, let it breath before you drink. It 'opens' in air.

    • Carbarnet- Merlot Cotes de Gascogne, Domaine Brichot, France

      5 I 29

      Blend of Merlot and Carnarnet- Franc from Gascony, the lasrge wine region below Bordeaux, where Armagnac is produced as well. Domaine Brichot is one of the area's leading producers. This red offers sofr fruit thanks to the Merlot and the Carbarnet Franc gives power and spiciness. Great with meat starters and charcuterie.

    • Grenache- Syrah 'La Tribu', Valencia Spain


      Mediteranean seasoning, spices and herbs. Southern spirit and lots of character, soft tanines and dark red fruit. Ideal for sipping as an aperitif, slightly chilled, but also the perfect companion for a fine supper

    • Ribera del Duero Crianza ‘Gavilan’, Vina Pedrosa, Spain


      So hard to find nowadays: 18 months of aging on American as wel as Spanish oak. Yes! Resulting in a not too heavy, rather complexe wine. Great with red meat as well as with cheese. A wine that really matters.

    • Rioja, Real A8, Spain

      4.3 I 24.5

      Easy drinkable Rioja made of 100% Temperanillo, made by Bodega Don Sancho de Londono. Juicy red fruit at the start and some bite and spiciness in the aftertaste. Good as a aperitif red, or with mest starters, pates and Nel's platter.

    • Rosé Wine

    • Les Vignerons, Grenache-merlot Rose, France

      4 I 22.5

      This blend of the two very popular grapes Grenache and Merlot proves their perfect match. You will immediately recognize berries on one side and passion fruit on the other. They mingle fine and perfectly accommodate salads and all kinds of meat.

    • Quat’ Saisons, Chateau La Mascaronne, Provence, France


      This biologically produced light colored wine is quite aromatic, soft in taste and reminds you of 'Joie de vivre' in de Provence, where the rich and famous tend to enjoy lice tot he max four seasons long. Shut your eyes and you will find yourself on the sunny Croissette in Cannes among movie stars.

      Open your eyes and you might just find one or two of them on our terrace