Brasserie NeL

In the middle of Amsterdam, there’s brasserie NeL. You will find a very diverse public there: families, tourists, couples, students, and business people. Our big terrace is very inviting, our personnel is friendly and professional and it can be pretty hard to choose from our extensive menu. It all starts with the difficult choice: which piece of cake shall I have with my coffee today?


On our wonderful, big, and -with a bit of luck- sunny terrace, there is always a place to sit. Although a lot of people also like standing around with a glass of white beer or rosé. Our terrace is perfect for showing your friends from abroad or business relations what real Amsterdam ‘gezelligheid’ is all about.


We cook healthy and responsible. With local ingredients and as many organic products as possible. And we always serve special seasonal dishes.

Are you hungry for a delicious homemade hamburger? One of those to write home about? Or are you more in the mood for an elaborate salad or good piece of meat? Or maybe a freshly caught bit of fish? (with a pancake for the children)
Sometimes, the simplest things taste the best. And as we work with as many organic and local products, healthy as well. After dinner, the kids visit ‘our’ playground. Since you’re here anyway, you have a good glass of wine. And it’s been a successful evening again.


At NeL, many happy customers enjoy the big, sunny terrace, appreciate a good lunch, or relish an elaborate dinner with a nice drink. We’re pretty proud of that. That’s why we’d like to share some good experiences here.

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